Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween has been my favorite holiday for about as long as I can remember. I became strongly attracted to my future soul mate well over 50 years ago at a Halloween party. I guess that’s one of the main reasons the holiday is so meaningful to me. Through the years we trick or treated with our kids, made spook houses, dressed in funny costumes, made tasty food and many other things to celebrate this important holiday. The grandkids followed with the same activities. Now in the autumn of my years everyone is growing up and going their own way. I am about the only kid still celebrating.
We had fewer trick or treaters this year. Some of this may have been because Halloween fell in the middle of the week. There should be a law that states Halloween should only be celebrated on Friday or Saturday night rather than a school night.
Some would have us eliminate this unholy day altogether. Christian fundamentalist say it’s a sinful thing to celebrate. These are the same people who hate Harry Potter. The Russians have banned the celebration in their schools. They say it includes religious elements and makes a mockery of death. Russian psychiatrist say it is destructive for the mind. The fact that the Russians are so opposed to the holiday is reason enough to celebrate.
Many adults and intellectuals scoff at Halloween. This is also the group who don’t believe in ghost and witches. Most of them don’t even believe in Santa Claus. Can you imagine that? It’s a pitiful thing to have the spirit of childhood extinguished. It only serves to dull the imagination and spoil a lot of fun in life.
As for me, I celebrate the spirit of Halloween almost everyday on the porch. I hope to be handing out candy for a few more years. Just wish they would pass a law for it to be on the weekend. If one of the Presidential candidates proposes this as part of his or her platform, he/she is the one who gets my vote. Democrat, Republican, black, white, male, female; it doesn’t matter.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday too. As well as my granddaughter. And I really don't know why. Part of it is seeing adults dress up in costumes and going to work that way. It has come under much attack lately and that is a mystery to me too. Millions of parents that seem to think Halloween is evil are the same parents that allow their children to get into internet sites that would make a sailor blush and a porn king proud. They let their kids be hypnotized by trash TV, become permanently attached to Ipods and cell phones but don't want them anywhere near the influence of witches and goblins, much less Hillary Clinton masks. What is the saying "can't see the forest for the trees"? You'd best just stay on the porch and defend yourself from all of the evil trick or treaters each year.........

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