Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who is Hannah Montana? I will have to ask my granddaughters. They will laugh at me for not knowing this popular star, but I bet they never heard of Kate Smith (pictured in black & white), Jeannete McDonald or Gisele MacKenzie.
Hannah Montana must be the hottest thing on stage these days. The tickets to her concerts are sold out before they go on sale. The tickets that have a face value of $25-$60 are being sold on e-bay and by scalpers for up to a $1000. They are averaging between $200-$400. This ticket scam is currently under investigation by Attorney Generals in several states.
I know Hannah is the idol now, but is she worth that much? I just hope she doesn’t go the way of Britney, Lindsey and others.
In my day it was Kate, Jeanette and Gisele. Kate Smith made the song God Bless America famous. That was back in the days when God was part of America. I heard Jeannete McDonald on the radio in the days before television was invented. When TV came in, the big star on the Hit Parade was Gisele MacKenzie. By today’s standards these ladies would be considered corny, but I liked them anyway. I also liked guys such as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry rather than most of the rock stars. Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra were my favorites. I was able to tolerate Elvis but my time ended with him.
It’s easy to see why I stay on the porch. Folks tend to laugh at my world but it’s sure good not to pay $1000 for a ticket to hear a bunch of people scream and see smoke and noise bellowing from the stage.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Not to worry, Doc. Hannah will likely end up in re-hab soon enough and her career will last about as long as a good set of most of the "icons" of today.

Don't think there will be anymore Bing Crosbys or Sinatras coming along. When we were kids my mother would let my father and each of the kids pick one "album" and she would put all of them on the "record player" and we would all sit around and listen and have a great time. We had everything from Perry Como to Hank Williams to The Sons of the Pioneers, etc. etc. It was a great time but another of those things "gone with the wind". I'm glad the porch is still available....

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