Sunday, September 26, 2010

I have aways enjoyed reading about people who are suggested recipients of the Darwin Award. These are folks who have performed some idiotic act that resulted in their demise and thus removed themselves from the gene pool of idiots.

A similar award should be made for those who do an idiotic act but live to continue to fill the gene pool with more idiots. A perfect example occurred this week. A burglar who was robbing a WalMart escaped and when the police were in pursuit he hid in a dumpster. A trash truck came just as he was secure in his hiding place and emptied the contents of the dumpster, including the burglar, where it was compacted. The idiot survived, but was fairly compressed as they loaded him on to a stretcher for a trip to the hospital. This award should probably just be called Idiots Award, because these folks survive and continue to multiply to fill the world with more idiots.

I have a lot of recommendations for this award. Many of them are associated with the government and those who make up some of the rules we must live with. A recent example related to my wives refill for a medicine. She had been suffering from a bout of asthma. The doctor prescribed an inhalant with some steroid that was very effective in stopping the asthma. He wanted her to get it refilled and continue the treatment for another month. We were scheduled to be on a trip when the refill came due in about five days. We were refused the refill because we were on Medicare and could not be given the medication in advance, even though we were going to be out of the state. Our only option was to go without the medicine and hope for the best. If the asthma returned, while we were away, this would have required a trip to an unknown doctor and emergency room with a resultant $2000 charge. That makes a lot of sense. The government pays this extra charge and still pays for the $50 Rx. I know some of the rules are to curb fraud and abuse, but there is something called common sense especially since I was well know to the pharmacy.

As Obamacare kicks in we are going to encounter more and more rules made up by a larger army of idiots. The next thing we will be hearing is that the medication we needed is not available for those over a certain age. That’s called rationing. The whole thing is scary. Even the porch is not a safe haven from the hoards of idiots who control our lives.


Blogger B(O)B said...

A "comon sense pharmicist" would have filled the script and just run it through for payment 5 days later!

7:47 PM  
Blogger jeff ludwick said...

you should walk in the moccasins of a diabetic dealing with the S&W pharmacy. Their "computers" can tell you how many test strips you can use per day/month/year and if you use a few too many (remember the old term preventive medicine) you are branded a thief. Their policy is that it is ok to be a diabetic but you are not allowed to have ANY insulin reactions or sugar variations...EVER. That only causes the use of more strips and/or insulin which cuts into the profit margin........

7:10 AM  

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